The War

The War

The War is a word with three familiar letters. W A R. It’s as simple as that. But it has many stories behind itself.

sometimes for proving these words, We Are Right. Countries beginning a war. actually, I could not perceive this word.

We Are Right (WAR)
We Are Right 


Always I have a big “Why” in my brain. All people saying it’s a bad happen. but why we start a war.

these days I’m getting like to watching war genre movie. one of them that I’ve loved that was Dunkirk.

Dunkirk made in 2017 and this is one of the best films in 2017. Christopher  Nolan is director of Dunkirk. the theme of the film is about the troops of Belgium, the British Empire, and Franc encircled in Dunkirk island. the rank of the film on the IMDb is 7.9/10.

the army appeals from people for help to soldiers.the people with own boats help to move soldiers troops from Dunkirk island. this effort is amazing.


I hope to enjoy that and if you like to watch a film. please check here out.

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