Mountains of Tehran (Tochal)

Mountains of Tehran (Tochal)

This word is the familiar word for Tehran people, Tochal. the highest peak in the north of  Tehran is Tochal. I wanna write about mountains of Tehran (Tochal) in this post.

so, what’s the name of peaks in the north of Tehran?

the list of below is the name of the peak from wast to east. all of the names in below are part of Central Alvand mountains.

  • Lavarak 3,560 m
  • Bazarak 3,753 m
  • Palang-chal 3,520 m
  • Sar-Bazarak 3,640 m
  • Shah-Neshin 3,875 m
  • Tochal 3,964 m
  • Spilit 3,120 m [
  • West Lezon 3,585 m
  • East Lezon or Piaz-chal 3,540 m
  • Kolak-chal 3,350 m
  • Siah-band 3,320 m

at the below, I will explain about more common Path of climbing in Tehran. as you know all area of north of Tehran is Alborz mountains.

this mountain is the border between the north of Iran and Tehran. Alborz mountain is one of the famous. every year the people from all area of Iran or maybe world visit this mountain.

I wanna introduce the safe paths and more common path. as you know. there are many ways in the mountains to climb.

So, I’ve tried in this article to explain the path. also, you can see the Direction of climbing on the Wikiloc.

The path to Climbing to the Tochal peak
The path to Climbing to the Tochal peak

The path to Climbing

there are several paths to get to Alborz mountains. all of the paths are in the north of Tehran. before any act, you should know about the hazard of the mountaineering in these paths.

at first, please attention to the following points:

  1. in the winter, there is a probability of occurrence of the avalanche.
  2. don’t go to the deviant paths.
  3. if you want to go to the main peak, you need to exact planning.
  4. there is always the snow on the peak in all seasons.

ok, now I wanna introduce the peaks from west to east. so, All paths will lead to the main peak (Tochal).

Darakeh Valley

to get to Darakeh, you should go to Tajrish SQ. there are Taxis and minibus in Tajrish Terminal. then after 15 minutes, you will arrive at Darakeh. the path climbing is marked. you can go near the river and go through the village.

Darekeh is very busy at the weekend. so if you want go there by personal car. finding car parking will be difficult.

Darakeh is a very nice village full of restaurants. But I don’t recommend those restaurants because are very expensive with low quality.

there are several restaurants in the way until Palang- Chal. from the beginning of climbing to get to  Palang- Chaal, the time climbing is 2 to 4 hours. it’s dependent on your ability in mountaineering.

After Palang-Chaal you can go to 5th Station of Tochal Gondola, the time of climbing is near 1 or 2 hours. all over the path is the river with cold water.

the path of Palang-chal
The path of Palang-Chal

Velenjak–Tochal Gondola

to get Velenjak is like Darakeh. in this area there is car parking. sled, and Tochal Gondola. after car parking, you can get on to the bus to get the Tochal Gondola. there are four Stations for this gondola:

  • 1st station
  • 2nd station(2400m)
  • 5th station(2935m)
  • 7th station(3740m)- Ski Site

Don’t forget the warm clothes

Tochal Gondola
Tochal Gondola

Darband Valley

The most common way to get to Tochal and the busy way is Darband. this path divided into two paths. Oson Valley and Shir-Pala.

I recommend that to get the main peak(Tochal), It’s better to cross through Shir-Pala because this valley is nearer to the peak.

there are many deviant paths. but twice of them is main. when you arrived at the metal water source. you should choose one of them. one way will get to Do-Gholo waterfall and another one passing into the Oson valley.

Oson valley is beautiful with a gentle slope compared with Shir-pala valley.

there is a shelter in Shir-Pala. you can go to the 5th station of Tochal gondola From this shelter also from Oson valley.

Oson valley is nearer to the gondola. The path of Shir-Pala is a rocky path and harder.

you can get there after 2 or 3 hours walking.

Oson Valley
Oson Valley


the access path of this peak is from Jamshidiyeh park in north-east of Tehran. after 2 hours of climbing, you will get to the first shelter of Kolak-Chaal. the path is very easy and safe. you will get the main peak in 3221m after 1 hours from the first shelter.



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