About Time

About Time

the time is a familiar word for all of us. sometimes we feel that passing the very slow and sometimes it passing very fast. but the important thing About Time is that good passing.

in life, we are busy passing it without to know that it’s for us and we should use that. so what we must do? it’s a good question.

I believe nobody can make happiness for you. just you can make happiness for yourself. and make good stuff. so why I said these sentences? because I watched a film. I think that was an amazing film to know this point we can not stop time. just we can pass from that and this depended to us that how we pass that. happy or sad.

The About Time is a film made in 2013. it’s a British romantic comedy-drama film with the rank 7.8/10 on IMDb.

the film
the film

I’ve learned from this film that: all of us are traveling to the time. so we can try to do the best and make a great thing and enjoy life. it depends on our attitude to life.

The story of the film is about a boy that when he arrived at 21 years old, his father tells him a secret. the secret is that he can travel in the time.

I hope you enjoy and you like to read to introducing some film please check here out.



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