Sometimes we don’t know the goal of life. we have more questions about life and choosing. we choose something without thinking. I want to speak about a choice. life without goal or life with a goal. when we don’t know anything about the future so don’t worry. just move.

The mine is the film about a choice. move or stop? which ones are correct? this film wants to say when you don’t know a clear path. no difference between choosing a path. in this film, you can see a man who fight for life or death. every step could be your last.

the mine

the mine

The genre of film is a thriller and war. it made in 2016. rank of the film in IMDb is 5.9/10. the story of the film is about a soldier who is in a desert. his mission was failed. now his foot is on the mine and he cannot be moving.

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Music at the end of films

have you ever thought about music at the end of films? I always listen to this music. it’s the best part of the film. you can think about happening in the film at this moment. this music is the essence of the film. sometimes we don’t listen to that. but I think, all of the stories are in that. when you listen to the music at the end of the film, you will have a special feeling. experience it just for one time. usually, you can feel it better in the Drama and Romantic film.

The Hunt

The Hunt

the hunt is one of the films that I like it. the genre of film is drama. it made in 2012. the language of that is Polish and Danish. this film has a good rank in IMDb (8.3/10). all of during the film is about a lie. yes, about just one lie. may we make a mistake so we shouldn’t judge soon. don’t listen to another people. Just listen to your heart. I learned from this film that we must believe in ourselves.

the film wants to say that the lie is spreading.

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