Mothers are the best friend for us.

Mothers are the best friend for us.

Have you ever thought about the relationship between mother and child? I believe that Mothers are the best friend for us. I think the mother is an angel. in the all over the world, the only mother is thinking about you in every condition. the only mother support you when other people left you. speaking with her just for a moment is the best consultation. mother’s meaning is calm, hope and life. Ok, so the result is Mothers are the best friend for us. 

mother's abbreviation
mother’s abbreviation

Kidnap is a movie about a mother that her child has been kidnapped. she is trying to get her child. this effort is amazing. sometimes you will imagine stand-in scenes of the film. this movie made in 2017. the genre of film is action, crime, and drama.



the interesting thing about this film for me was that when her child kidnapped and she fallow kidnap. she’s speaking with God. We all promise to God in bad conditions. I thought that I’m just like her. in bad condition, I remember God. after solving the problem. I’ll forget God again. it’s very bad. do you have an idea about solving this bad habit? I don’t know, habit is the correct word for that. how about you?

hope you enjoy it.

If you don’t know watch which film, Don’t worry. I introduced some film here.

After watching the film. come back here and listen to this music and let’s think about our mother. think about the life is very short like in a jiffy.

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  1. Yes, really, the mother is the only one who is always with us after God and after every one, she is always thinking about her child in everywhere and at all times…
    When God wanted to show the best thing that has made it on Earth.God created the mother
    Thank you for introducing the movie
    I will see it.

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