Don’t be afraid to be different

Don’t be afraid to be different

sometimes we imagine that be different is very tribble. but I wanna to say don’t be afraid to be different. I like usual life but there are many situations in life that are not usual.

so what do we do? it’s simple. fight to the hard situation. oh really. yes, I say really. I came to conclusion that we can. just believe ourselves. I don’t want to say a slogan. I’ve tested it in a bad condition.


I watched a movie about this topic. that name was Wonder. the story of the movie is about a boy has a different face. his mother teaches him in the home. his mother decided to take him to school. the big problem began from school.

the interesting point about the film for me was the relationship between characters. another one was the way of solving the problems.

the movie published in 2017. the rank of the movie is 8/10 on IMDb. I’ve liked the rhythm of the movie. each part of the movie is about a character and further of the scenes are around Aggie.

I hope to enjoy that and if you like introducing a movie, you can check here out.

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  1. I saw this film, too.
    I really like this boy and her sister and there family because they are very near and help each l think really this film is a wonder.
    In this way, l really be happy because l have a lot of in common with the film😂😂

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