You’re No Stranger Here By Houshang  Moradi Kermani

You’re No Stranger Here By Houshang  Moradi Kermani

Houshang  Moradi Kermani and his book
You’re No Stranger Here By Houshang  Moradi Kermani

About book and author

Houshang  Moradi Kermani was born in a small village (Sirch) in Kerman Province (Iran). he has many novels. many books of him translate to another language. his books has the first rank of translation to the foreign language in of the feature Kerman’s book is fluent text. he is honest and the text in his book is very simple and melodious.

more of audiences of his books are children and teenager. usually, Kermani’s books have humor aspect. he expresses bitter events in a humorous manner.

Moradi Kermani
Moradi Kermani

Several Iranian movies and TV-series have been made based on his books. In 2006, Dariush Mehrjue directed Mehman e Maman based on Moradi Kermani’s novel with the same title, Moradi Kermani had a tough life. 

another film that made by Kermani’s novel is Tales of Majid (Ghese haye Majid). in my opinion, if you seeking to know the situation of Iran in 60th (Solar Hijri Calendar SH) decad. I recommend watching this serial.

Tales of Majid
Tales of Majid

when Kermani was younger. he worked in Radio. he was writing a short story for Karman radio. since child time he likes to be an author. in one of his interview, he was saying I had much effort to be an author.

You’re No Stranger Here

You’re No Stranger Here one of the books that I love them and this book is about Kermani’s life from child time to middle age, Houshang Moradi  Kermani is one of my favorite writers because he is kindly, sincere, and very Special.

in this book. he expresses event who had in during entire life. You’re No Stranger Here wanna to express that life is very hard but you can pass life with effort. I laughed and cried with this story. behind all event, Kermani has said a humor.

I’ve liked that part of the book when Kermani and his father was going to the government office to get military service card. his father like always looking at the sky. other people were thinking that what happens in the sky. all people in that area looked to the sky. this book speaking about the culture of Iran. Kermani is a wonderful man. more of books by Kemani wrote for the child.



Moradi Kermani’s books are:

  • The Tales of Majid
  • The Boot
  • The Palm
  • The Tale of That Vat
  • The Tandoor
  • The Water Urn
  • Mommy’s Guest
  • Fist on Hide
  • You’re No Stranger Here
  • A Sweet Jam
  • cucumbers end
  • La couleur de la vie (french)


you're no stranger here
you’re no stranger here

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