The Thyme

The Thyme

the thyme is kind of plants from of the mint family. this plant grows wild on mountain’s a strong plant because it has many advantages. it is an evergreen herb. it has a medicinal property and uses in culinary as a flavor.there are many kinds in all over the world about 350 but I want to write about the special sample in Zagros mountains near Doroud (Iran, Lorestan province).

Thyme plant
Thyme plant

Growth Area

This plant grows in Zagros slopes at an altitude of fewer than 3000 meters. it grows more in between rocks and cold areas. in below photo, you can see an example that shows growth area (the name of this valley is Lordar, which near one of a village of Doroud).

Lordar Valley
Lordar Valley

Titles Of Plant

In Farsi language, it called “Avishan or Avisham “.

  • Bakhtiyari dialect called “Orshom”
  • Kurdish called “Jaatri”, “Ankh”, “Az-veh”
  • Turkish called “Kahlic-oti”
  • Traditional Iranian Medicine called “Hasha”, “Oshen”

Medicinal use

  • Improve digestive function

It is good to treat abdominal bloating and it has antimicrobial properties.

  • Improvement of morale and anti-anxiety

At the research in 2016 by Traditional and Complementary Medicine Journal, It has been proved that it affects.

  • Adjust blood cholesterol

in the International Journal of Life Science, an article has been published that showed one of thing that can adjust blood cholesterol is thyme.

I love thyme because it has a good smell. thyme herbal tea is my favorite tea it’s powerful tea and very delicious.

I recommend that When you have rheum, drink some of this tea or cence it, it is just a personal experience.

 Bush of thyme
Bush of planet


 Thyme Bush
Thyme Bush


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