A glass of tea and nothing else

A glass of tea and nothing else

what would you like to drink? if you ask me in cold weather. 100 percent, my answer is a glass of tea and nothing else.

A glass of tea
A glass of tea and nothing else

In Iran, the usual drink is tea. more people prefer tea to compared to other drinks. since the past. the tea has been the best choice for Iranian people.

Black tea is more commonplace from other tea. the people in my country have like to drink with the cube of sugar. that cube’s name is “Ghand”.

we have an idiom that said “chaaye Ghand Pahlo”. meaning of that is the perfect tea with a good smell.

the word of tea in Farsi is Chaay.

Chaye Ghand Pahlo
Chaaye Ghand Pahlo

in another country usually drinking tea with milk like Pakistan. there is no cube of sugar. it is usual in Iran.

I wish a glass of tea in nature for you.


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