The silence of the lambs

I want to speak the horror-thriller film. The silence of the lambs. This film about a girl who studies in FBI academy. The girl is intelligent and alone. She had a hard life. She likes the criminal story. she likes to help people. The genre of this film is my favorite genre. it’s an old film but cute. it made in 1991.

The silence of the Lambs

The silence of the Lambs

The important character is Anthony Hopkins who is a psychoanalyst. He is a prisoner and very dangerous. He was my beloved character in this film. He is inscrutable and clever. Jodie Foster is the main character of the film.she is wonderful actors.

The story of the film is a challenge between a girl and a psychoanalyst about the serial killer. he helps a girl that she finds a murder, instead, Anthony  Hopkins want information about a girl. the top of pleasure is the end of a film in serial killer’s house.

The rank of this film is 8.6/10 at IMDb. I like music at the end of the film. I think that music was perfect. I recommend this film because it’s exact. you can feel the hate, trust, and horror.

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