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Oshtorankoh, the Alps of Iran

One of the famous peaks in Iran is Oshtorankoh, the Alps of Iran. we called Shotorkoh or Oshtorankoh. in Farsi camel is “Shotor” or “Oshtor”. the mountain is “Koh”. why did I say this explains? because of this mountain is like camel’s humps and connected together. Why is it known as “Alps of Iran”? because of Polish mountaineers in 1931 and after then  German mountaineers went to Oshtorankoh. they said these mountains like the Alps.this is story fo Alps of Iran. in the photo below, you can see Oshtorankoh, the Alps of Iran from the side of the south.



Oshtorankoh Photo by Ali Abdolvand

Oshtorankoh is the part of Zagros mountains. Zagros continues from northwestern until south of Iran. Dena and Shotorkoh are two famous mountain in Zagros. It has 8 peaks that names from northwestern to southeastern are Gol-Gol, Gol-Gahar, San-Boran, Kole-Layo, Mirzayi, Fiyalson, Piya-Rah, Kol-Jeno. south of this mountain, there is a Gahar Lake. the highest mountain is the San-Boran with 4150m.


San-Boran 4150m
Gol-Gahar 4100m
Mirzayi 4080m
Kole-Layo 4070m
Fiyalson 4060
Gol-Gol 4000


how can we get to Oshtorankoh

It’s between three cities. from the north to Azna, the west to Doroud, the east to Aligodarz. as I said, there is three way to get to the Oshtorankoh. from Doroud you should get to Kal-mahmod source and move to 66 mountain. the second path(the best path) is Tiyan village and Kamandan village. I don’t have any information about the Aligodarz path but I’m sure that it’s available.

Fritillaria flower

Fritillaria flower in Oshtorankoh slopes



Karachi is a land of diligent people

A year ago, I went to the south of Pakistan. It’s a big country, from south to sea and from north to spectacular mountains. about people, I just can say Karachi is a land of diligent people. Pakistan is the eastern neighbor of Iran. Karachi is capital of Sindh. Does it the crowded city? the answer is Yes. Does it the safe place? the answer is Yes but not all areas. in Karachi, defense area is safe. in another area, I don’t know. it’s better you don’t test it. as may be you know, it has dangerous. there are police and army in all place. so where that there is a police or army is safe. I don’t have an idea about another place.

Karachi beach

Karachi beach

The people

Pakistani people are the evening person. they started work at 9 or 10 Am in the morning. maybe the reason of that is whether in the day is very warm. the special property of this people is very kindly and hard-working. they like spicy food maybe because the weather is warm. the religion of people in Karachi is 95% Muslim and 5% another religion such as Hindu and Christian.this point is interesting to me that is more of the rich people doesn’t have the Hijab.  but more of poor people had the Hijab. Pakistani people speak Urdu. in Urdu “slow” is “Ahesta”, bread is “NAAN”. some words are common with Farsi. in my opinion Urdu is the mix of English, Farsi, Hindi, and native language.

What can we do

Karachi beach is an amazing place for relaxing, riding horse and a camel. you can see the fishing ship on the sea. even rent a boat and fishing on the boat. I think It’s fantastic. of course, there are a lot of things to do but I don’t have experience about that. I like swimming in the sea. Karachi weather is good for swimming. in my opinion spring and winter are the best season for traveling to Karachi. the second highest peak in the world is K2. it is in the Pakistan


riding Camel in the beach


What can we eat 

At the first, I must say all foods in Pakistan are spicy. if somebody says “NO” you don’t believe that. Biryani is the famous food in this country. finally, I couldn’t understand this food is for which country. there is the Biryani in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and etc. I like Ghorma and Naan(Pakistani bread). It includes meat and Pakistani Spice. people drinking tea with was usual. I love Pakistani tea.



Ghorma and sweet bread


Pakistani Nuts

Pakistani Nuts

Pakistani Tea

Pakistani Tea


There are several markets in Karachi. clothes are very cheap. if you want to buy cheap clothes you should go to Zeynab market. there is a Hypermarket like Dolmen mall. here have the expensive things.there are several markets in Karachi that I prefer Zeynab market. Ndure is a good brand for trainers it is made in Pakistan. the currency of Pakistan is Pakistani rupee. one us dollar in may of 2018 is 115.60 Pakistani rupee.

Traditional Market

Traditional Market in Karachi

Ndure Brand

Ndure Brand

Public transport

For short distances, you can get a Rickshaw. Rickshaw is a small motorbike that has a cabin with three wheels. for long distances, you should get a taxi.

How can we get to Karachi from Tehran

There are two ways for getting to Karachi. by air, there is a direct flight to Karachi from Tehran every Thursday by Iran airline. for the indirect flight, you can use Qatar airline and Emirates airline. by sea, you should get to Chabahar port and travel by ship. I think this way is not suitable. the border between Iran and Pakistan is not safe.

The journey to Karachi was one of the best my travels.

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