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Iran wildlife & Nature Museum

In North of Tehran, there is the Iran wildlife & Nature Museum (Darabad). In my opinion, it’s really good. pleasant weather especially in spring and the wonderful things to see, the ticket price for entry is 4000 Toman.

There are 4 places(hall) :

  • The main hall include (Iranian animal, Reptiles & fishes, Stone, Foreign animal)
  • Butterfly hall
  • Iranian plants hall
  • Taxidermy hall
  • And the restaurant, cafe
  • Human hall

Above I said 4 halls but wrote 5 halls, latter row is about in our body and ticket price for entry to this hall is 30000 Toman.

Main hall

The main hall was my interesting hall because there are animals, which lived in Iran, of course, now is live but some animal was extinct such as Mazandaran Leopard.

Reptiles Hall

About Reptiles & fishes. after foreign animals hall. there is this hall include Snakes(Poisonous, non-toxic), Fishes, Lizards.

Stone Hall

Then on the first floor. there is a hall about the stones in Iran’s mountains. in Iranian plants hall. you can see several kinds of Iranian plants which there are in sample dried. also, there is a good smell because this hall is full of flowers.


Taxidermy is the preserving of an animal’s body via stuffing or mounting for the purpose of display or study. this hall show how we can save the body of the animal when they die.

Butterfly hall

I love butterfly hall. butterfly hall is fantastic because you can see the beautiful butterfly, which there are in all over the world from America, Africa, Europ, and Asia. the interesting thing about butterfly is if insert the needle into the third chine of the body of the butterfly, it gets crippled.

In the photos below, you can see pictures of these halls.




Iranian Animal Hall



Iranian Plans Hall

Reptiles Hall

Reptiles Hall

Reptiles Hall

in this hall there are many stone


Stones Hall



Butterfly Hall

Journey To Bangladesh

In recent journey to Bangladesh I went to Dhaka in Bangladesh, crowded city and, of course, crowded country, Alley full of people, the street full of cars, Dhaka  is capital of Bangladesh, if you don’t like spicy food never go to this country because most food is spicy, and about fruits I must say there is banana, pineapple, coconut in the best quality, in my opinion for souvenir spice, honey and pineapple is good, the famous food is Biryani that has steamed rice and beef and specialty spice .

Interesting thing about Bangladesh is population of Bangladesh is 156.6 million and Russia is 143.5 million provided Bangladesh is 0.01 times the size of Russia, in Bangladesh people speak Bengali for example “how are you are” is “bagali Tumi Kemon acho” and “I’m fine” is” ami chalo achi”, And “what is your name” is” tomar nam ki”, Happy new year is “shuvo nobo borsho”.

the first day of new year Bangali is 14 or 15 April every year, in this day people wearing red clothes that name is Panjabi and this day’s name is Pahela Baishakh or Bangla Nababarsha

The best transportation means in Dhaka is Rickshaw, it’s kind of motorbike and sometimes is the bicycle,

To go to  Dhaka from Iran there isn’t the direct flight, you have to first go to Doha or Dubai then go to Dhaka, flight duration from Iran to Doha about 2 hours and between Doha and Dhaka about 6 or 5 hours, in the picture below, you can see photos from Bangladesh.

Dhaka Street

Dhaka Street

the lunch especially for first day of new year Bengali

the lunch especially for first day of new year Bengali

Fish and Bread(Naan)

Fish and Bread (Naan)

Getting Visa

Fortunately getting a visa for Bangladesh is easy. first, you must fill visa applications form. then go to this address: No. P.O Box 14368-12345.1st Street, East 64th Street. north Yousef Abad, Tehran. Iran. (+98) 21-8860 1781 to 3. (+98) 21-8860 5445. Bangladesh embassy is open from Saturday to Wednesday (8.30Am until midday). no need catch previous time. the minimum time for the visa during is 15 days. 29 Us Dollar is for 15 days. after 1 week, the visa is ready.



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