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You’re No Stranger Here By Houshang  Moradi Kermani

Houshang  Moradi Kermani and his book

You’re No Stranger Here By Houshang  Moradi Kermani

About book and author

You’re No Stranger Here is one of the best books for everyone, author this book is  Houshang  Moradi Kermani was born in a small village (Sirch) in Kerman Province (Iran), Several Iranian movies and TV-series have been made based on his books. In 2006, Dariush Merjue directed Mehman e Maman based on Moradi Kermani’s novel with the same title, Moradi kermani had a hard life but with effort, he is a good writer, one of good feature is that he is honest and the text in his book is very simple and melodious.

I like this part of the book when his father was going to the hospital and like always looking at the sky. other people were thinking that what happens in the sky. all people in that area looked to the sky. this book speaking about the culture of Iran. Kermani is a wonderful man. more of books by Kemani wrote for the child.


You’re No Stranger Here one of the books that I love them and this book is about Kermani’s life from childhood to middle age, Houshang Moradi  Kermani is one of my favorite writers because he is kindly, sincere, and very Special.

Moradi Kermani’s books are:

  • The Tales of Majid (
  • The Boot
  • The Palm
  • The Tale of That Vat
  • The Tandoor
  • The Water Urn
  • Mommy’s Guest
  • Fist on Hide
  • You’re No Stranger Here
  • A Sweet Jam
you're no stranger here

you;re no stranger here

Happy Noroz

Noroz is the traditional Iranian festival  of spring when the spring begins every year Iranian people say together Happy New Year such as Christmas with this different  than Christmas in winter but that is in spring, this festival is main holiday in Iran, formal holiday is 4 days but unofficial holiday is 13 days, this holiday ends with Sizdebedar, in this day Iranian people go to picnic to forest, plains, next to rivers and mountains. every year in Noroz Iranian people meet each other. for example, I go to my hometown and meet my mother, my family, the cousin in Doroud. when the spring beginning all family kiss each other and give a gift. in Farsi, this gift is “Eydi”. usually, grandmother or grandfather give a gift to the child. before spring man and woman( together), they clean their home.

Noroz has been celebrated for at least 3,000 years and is deeply rooted in the rituals and traditions of the Zoroastrian religion. today the festival of Noruz is celebrated in Iran,  Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Albania, Azarbayejan, Georgia, Iraq Kurdistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and etc.

I wish for everybody in all over the World new year with healthy and wealthy, and all time smile.

Happy New Year

Happy Noroz

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